Shower Doors

2016102595133612Shower Door Urbandale, Iowa

Do you live in Urbandale, Iowa and need a new shower door? We can help with that. We can give you a quick, free estimate over the phone – and help you pick out the right shower door for your home.

Do you know what kind of shower door you’re looking for? Are you wanting a frameless door or enclosure? Or maybe a semi-frameless or fully framed shower door? The first thing to determine is whether your enclosure is fiberglass or tile. If your enclosure if fiberglass, you will need to go with a framed or semi-frameless shower door. ┬áSemi-frameless doors do have framing around the enclosure, but the door itself is frameless.

If your enclosure is tile, you have both of those options, plus the semiframeless-slideroption of a fully frameless enclosure, like the one pictured. The downside to frameless enclosures to some people is they can be a more expensive option. To speak with us about all of your options, and to get a free quote on your new shower door, please call us at 515-243-1500.